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Tuesday, 11 August 2015
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Reason 1: UP is a modern dental school with new staff, new ideas and new facilities. We take in about 60 students per year.  Most of our buildings are new, and our campus is right down-town.  We have perhaps the best and most up-to-date libraries of dental books in the country.
Reason 2: Our staff will do their best to help you succeed.  We choose the best Khmer and overseas lecturers and tutors to help you.  Many of our lecturers have post-graduate qualifications.  At UP we make sure that our staff work hard to make your education a success.  More than 12 of our lecturers have Masters degrees or PhDs.  Many of our lecturers are from top Phnom Penh clinics – 8 are from Roomchang Dental Hospital.

Reason 3: We have possibly the best dental simulation laboratory and student dental clinic in Cambodia  - with 30 top quality Japanese mannequins in our simulation lab so students can practice the dental  techniques (for example cavity preparations) before actually treating patients.  In the clinic we have 19 brand new Japanese dental chairs – as well as two top quality X-ray machines and digital imaging.

Reason 4: UP "cares" for its students. It has a "Wall of Fame" to recognize top students. It has clubs for extra-curricular activities, as well as clubs to help students to succeed in their studies. Our Student Affairs office is very active in looking after students' needs.

Reason 5: UP listens to students’ feedback. Each semester students evaluate their teachers.  Those teachers with poor evaluations can be replaced.  Feedback is provided to the lecturers so they can improve their performance.

Reason 6: UP is a member of the South East Asian Association of Dental Education (SEAADE) and the International Dental Collaboration of the Mekong River Region (IDCMR) – and many students have the opportunity to attend their international conferences each year.   As part of belonging to the IDCMR, senior students have a chance to apply for a 1-month exchange program with Mahidol University (Thailand).  In 2016 we sent 20 dental students on an exchange tour to Khon Kaen University.

Reason 7: UP welcomes visiting lecturers from overseas to come and provide additional teaching to our students.  In the past year we have had over 30 visiting lecturers from many countries.  A Thai university will soon be cooperating with us in offering senior students training in Dental Implants.
Reason 8: UP introduces students to the clinic in year 4, semester 1.  This gives them plenty of opportunity to develop their clinical skills over the following 4 years before graduation.  At another dental school students do not start practicing on patients until they reach year 6 or7!  The new clinic has perhaps the best equipment of all the dental schools in Cambodia.  Over $250,000 has been spent on setting up the clinic with equipment from Italy, Japan, Germany and other countries. 

Reason 9: UP encourages research, and will assist students in years 6 and 7 to prepare to carry out research for their graduation thesis.  Since 2014 many of our dental students have taken part in research projects, and presented the results in regional and national dental conferences.  In 2016 one student group won an international prize for their research. 

Reason 10: The Department of Dentistry at UP is increasingly engaging with local communities and is sending its students out for oral health promotion and basic dental treatment activities.  In 2016 all year 4 students participated in the SEAL CAMBODIA project – which is a prevention project in Phnom Penh primary schools.  Our senior students also participate in activities in prisons and poor communities.

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How can I apply to UP?

Interested students (and their parents) are invited to come to UP at any time to talk with our staff in the Information Office and in Department of Dentistry, and see our new facilities.  You can also email us on: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Tel: 092-851-400.

More information is on our Website:  www.puthisastra.edu.kh

We warmly welcome you to apply for dentistry at UP as your first choice.  You will be glad you chose UP!